Martin and Bianca

The most awaited moment has finally arrived. Everyone is excited to witness how these cute lovely couple ended up saying their “I do’s, “in front of the people that are so dearly close to them. Joy overflows as you see the smiles for each guest celebrating the most wonderful event for the year.

As the priest says,

“This is one is just right for you. Why? Because you did not choose each other.. God chose you.”

God will always have the perfect time as when, where and how you will meet your one true love.

The Bellevue Manila
St. James the Great Parish
Photographer : Pat Dy Photography
HMU: Mariah Camaya Santos
Coordinator: 3rd Party

Kent and Icy


Life is full of suprises. You will never know what could happen next. Just like Kent and Icy. They never thought that destiny will pull them back to be together again. And now, they are ready to face the new chapter of their life.

Nagkaron ng forever

Palawan Puerto Princesa City, Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Modesa Island Resort
Photographer : { wedding day } Dyan Collo Lifestlye Photography & Weddings
Postnup Photographer : Fotogold Creations
HMU : Elly Pastor
Bridal Gown : Cheena Ng Lio

Marc and Mae

When you want to settle down, you will only choose someone who knows you well.

“You know me better than anyone else and somehow you still manage to love me” –Marc

As a sign of appreciation, “Thank you for giving me this wedding”-Mae

A love filled with appreciation and honesty.

Migs and Karla

“Today, we say yes to lifetime if high’s and low’s. I’m sure this new chapter in our life would be a heck of a roller coaster ride, but I’m gonna ride it until the wheels fall off. I know it won’t be a walk in the part but with God’s guidance, everything will fall into place.”-Karla

As a symbol of love, dedication and loyalty, Migs literally offered star for Karla.

“Whenever you fill alone, always look up. Whenever you want to remember this day, look up because today is the start of our love story and we have a place in the star.

As constant as the starts in the sky, I love you to the moon and back.”- Migs

Even stars agree to destiny.

Dong and Aivee

Dong and Aivee

And when all you have hoped for is finally happening,

“The day that we have waited for is finally here, and I’m so excited for what’s ahead for us.” –Aivee

All in one day for celebration for birthdays and anniversary.

Best day ever.

Calvin and Winchell

A loyal and dedicated wife,

“Hon, it’s so amazing how God write our love story. You came into my life at exactly the moment I trusted God to find the right person I want to spend my life with..” –Winchell

And grateful enough to have a husband like Calvin to have his promises,

“I have found the one that will be my partner, one that I am willing to take care of, one that I can share my feelings, one I can confide in, one I can comfort. I health thank God for giving me the chance to be with Winchell..” –Calvin

A promise that will be remembered forever…

Jared and Carmi | Wedding Film

Jared and Carmi

Their story did not started like how other couples started as lovers. They were just ordinary people who decided to take up law and met at law school and have limited interactions with academic related matters. Jared met Carmi’s friend and started to have late night study sessions. Changes came in which was quite noticeable to both families too and continued their friendship for three years.

After one year, on the day of Carmi’s birthday, Jared decided to propose. With a little leap of faith, he did it not knowing the answer for Carmi. But then, love is really strongest among anything as everything falls into its places. Families and friends were really grateful that they have finally decided to tie the knot.

And now, here they are.. facing the Lord with friends and families to witness they vows.

“Looking back, I’m still amazed at how the Lord transformed our friendship to love. It is the Lord who authored our love.”- Jared

Not your typical kind of love story.

Eric and Sophia

Eric and Sophia

A love, not measured by what you could give and what you cannot.

“I promise to be your cheerleader when you’re down and we will be Yin and Yang for each other” –Eric

Cheers to these couple embracing the imperfection of each other through thick and thin.

Lawrence and Mhir

Lawrence and Mhir

“We don’t just grow old together, we get to grow old with each other. People spend a lot of time looking for true love and we get to spend a lifetime..and these are my vows to you. “ -Lawrence

Spending a lifetime with your chosen partner is the best gift ever.

Preparation : The Henry
Church : Don Bosco Parish
Reception : Century Hotel
Photographer : J Lucas Reyes

Mart and Aleena

Mart and Aleena

“After 5 years of being together, 2 years of being engaged and for a lifetime of being in love.

I love you so much.. my best friend, my life and my wife.”-Mart

A kind of love that is meant to be forever.

Photographer : Bryan Venancio Photography
HMU : Mariah Santos Professional Makeup
Gown: Vera Wang
Coordination: Chain di Eventi