Jovic and Andrea

Not a lot of people find thrue love
Andrea is luckiest to fine her own happiness
10 years of togetherness is a sign that this is indeed a gift from up above

Always worth the wait.

Coordinator : Christine Ong-Te Events
Stylist : Teddy Manuel
Bridal Gown : Francis Libiran Bridal
Emcee : JC Alelis
EDSA Shangri-La Hotel
Santuario de San Jose

Marc and Kit

Being with such jolly people turns every challenges to laughter
As the day goes by, their relations ship grows stronger
And the time has come to take the next level
That is the road to forever.

A love to last a lifetime.

Coordinator : Christine Ong-Te Events
HMU : The Makeup Studio Team by Madge
Bridal Gown : Veluz
Emcee : RJ Ledesma

John and Iya

“I’m sorry for all the craziness of these wedding planning. I can’t wait for us to be friends again. Looking forward to messing up your bathroom for the rest of our lives.” -Iya

Sweet and Silly kind of love

Chris and Mia

As the priest speaks, “Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, the manifestation of God. The manifestation of infinite love in Jesus Christ. How beautiful to celebrate your wedding on the Feast of the Epiphany because Mia you are Chris’ epiphany and Chris you are Mia’s epiphany.”

Ghe Consolacion Event Film Maker intends to give more inspiration to many. To touch your hearts and see the candid moments as how it happens.

This is their love story, allow us to share yours too.

Photographer : Randolf Evan Photography
Coordinator : Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona
The Hills at Silang
San Antonio Padua Church

Martin and Kayzel

One peaceful and sunny day
A perfect day to make it a special one
I don’t care what everyone has to say
As I’d be marrying my husband-to-be today

“I’m not scared of the future because I know that whatever happens we may not get what we want sometimes because our love will always be there holding hands and facing the world. It’s all that I needed in this life” -Kayzel

Photographer : Nicolai Melicor Wedding Photography
Condrad Hotel
Nuestra Senora de Gracia
Manila Polo Club

Leonard and Bea

In my eyes, you see joy..
A joy to best decribe my feelings..
A feelings that grows stronger than ever..
A stronger kind of love, wanting to stay with you more..

“I love you, this is forever.” -Leonard

Same day edit
Hill Creek Garden
Photographer : We Do It For Love Photography by : Rex Carrascoso

Aj and Kaye

“The Lord wrote our story well, honey. He wrote a good story and only a few drama’s. Our relationship is based from pure friendship, which is why you are my best friend.

…and now that we are married, you are my new home.” –Kaye

And when destiny has brought you to your loved one, nothing or no one could ever break you apart.

A love that is endless…

Balai Isabel
Coordinator : Erika Que
Emcee : JC Alelis

Karl and Carmina

Karl and Carmina

This is your dream wedding. This is to the wedding you have planned for, prayed for and dreamed of..and this dream is now a reality.

“Finally, I can call you my husband”. -Camina

A peaceful day yet the most memorable day ever.

Same day edit
Photographer : Randolf Evan
Coordinator : Tie The Knot Weddings by : Joanna Rumohr
Florist: Ish Pascual Bryg
The Lincoln Place
Calaruega Church Nasugbu Batangas
Antonio’s Fine Dining Tagaytay

Ryan and Catherine

Ryan and Catherine

You will never realize the essence of thing until it was lost. Ryan was able to perfectly describe and appreciate what was lost and what was left to enjoy.

“My definition of love would be, love is blind not because you are pretty and not good looking or the other way around but because literally when I lost my right eye sight. God made me realize how fortunate I am to have you in my life. With two eyes before, I was too blind with other stuff. “-Ryan

Truly, love is blind.


Same day edit
Photographer: Paolo Feliciano Photography
HMU : Mariah Camaya Santos
Florist:Flower Garden by Jannette Olalia Garbes
Coordinator : Candies & Themes
Midori Hotel
Grand Palazzo Royale

Kent and Icy


Life is full of suprises. You will never know what could happen next. Just like Kent and Icy. They never thought that destiny will pull them back to be together again. And now, they are ready to face the new chapter of their life.

Nagkaron ng forever

Palawan Puerto Princesa City, Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Modesa Island Resort
Photographer : { wedding day } Dyan Collo Lifestlye Photography & Weddings
Postnup Photographer : Fotogold Creations
HMU : Elly Pastor
Bridal Gown : Cheena Ng Lio