Nani and Ester | Wedding Film

Inlove, for 50 goldens years.

Nani and Ester wish nothing but to have a family created and bonded with love. Yes, God is good enough that they were blessed with lovely children. Being raised well by their parents, they decided that its time to bring them back to where everything started, the heart of Villa Escudero at the Chapel of Ascension located in San Pablo Laguna. A place where their parents first sworn promises of love and now celebrating their 50th year wedding anniversary.

Pj Pangilinan, the Coordinator was able to ensure that all will be perfectly set on how they want it to be. Bluebarn, with Marlon River and Dino Mark Reyes did a great job as Florists on settling special arrangement on the flowers specially the presence of white rose which symbolizes the sign of their love. Special credit to Prouddrad for the memorable photos that they will forever treasure. Ghe Consolacion Event Film Maker, we were lucky enough to be a partner on their 50th wedding anniversary while capturing their priceless moments.

Falling inlove is never hard. But staying inlove? Nani and Ester shows that 50 years is still not enough to prove your love to someone. Their relationship is lasting. Staying inlove will always be a choice.

Yes, true love exist in the heart of those who believe. Let this serve as an inspiration to everyone.

Spare some time to watch this. Guaranteed, it will surely touch your heart.

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